How Can WA be a Scam

How Can WA be a Scam

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How can Wealthy Affiliate be a Scam?

As at January 8, 2017 Wealthy Affiliate has the following attributes:

  • Over 200,000 Members

    (Kyle is the Co-founder of WA – Note “Following 207,710 friends”)

    Over 200k members
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  • The first member joined since 2005

    Member Since 2005

  • Registration is Free – No Credit Card Required

    No Credit Card
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Why are so many members still on board?

Answer: Because they are making Real Consistent Legit Money (click and see)

4 thoughts on “How Can WA be a Scam

  1. Hi there, this is 100% true. Í have joined Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now. I’m a starter member. It’s free. I was never asked about my credit card details. No credit card required. Thank you for showing me the path to success, I mean WA.

    • Of course Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam; It can’t be. This is what I always tell my friends “Get Registered, It’s free; If they don’t ask you money, so where is the scam?” Did you check the “Income proof blogs”?

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