Best Work Home Jobs

Best Work Home Jobs

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The Best Work Home Jobs

Good News and Bad NewsThere are tons of work home jobs nowadays, but you have to be vigilant as there are also tons of work at home scams out there. You may have searched for some no fee work home jobs or the top work home jobs. I guess most people would prefer to earn much money with only part time work home jobs; as such they can have more time to spend with family and of course to spend the money for their happiness and for their loved ones. Anyway this is what I’m enjoying right now. Nowadays I have much time to take my kids out to the kindergartens (the gardens and playgrounds in the locality).

However, it should be legitimate work home jobs because you don’t want to have any trouble with the laws; you surely want and deserve a stress free life.

But the big question is: What is The Best Work Home Jobs? Please don’t just take my words for it, just go through the reviews below and you will see for yourself; it’s crystal clear.

To facilitate your work I’ve selected only the Top 5 Work Home Jobs in the reviews below. First of all I want to make it clear; just forget about sites telling you that you can get money FAST or QUICK or OVERNIGHT. This one you have to take my words for it, don’t try out, don’t waste your precious time with them. Nothing as such is true. They are all SCAMS. I know what I’m telling you as a victim of scams (Just read the “Beware of Scams” page if you want to know more).

It’s hard work that never goes unrewarded. But you don’t have to worry because what I’m going to reveal to you is not hard work, it’s actually very easy and realistic.

If you want to be successful then you need to do what you love doing – and you need to love what you do. Do what you love – Love what you do. This is 100% achievable on the platform that I’m going to reveal to you. And this is what I’m actually taking pleasure in. If you want to join me NOW, just click here, it’s 100% Free and I’ll be there to give you a big helping hand.

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Top 5 Work Home Jobs

1. Online Surveys

Many companies nowadays go for online surveys to know more about their customers. There are many online survey sites. They all claim that they will reward you. I have tried many but I have not received a single penny up to now. There are many reviews out there which mirror my adventures with those survey companies.

What are the rewards?

(a) Most of the time you are in a draw for a jackpot (keep dreaming),

(b) They will donate to charity institutions on your behalf instead of paying you. (You can do it yourself if you wish, your main goal is to earn money for yourself first as you are in need)

(c) You have to register with them and at times you are required to pay a fee. They then credit your account held with them. You can only take your money when you arrive at a threshold of say $50 (i.e. after performing about 100 surveys). With some sites the threshold is even $200; just imagine how may surveys you have to do. The tricky part is that you never arrive at the threshold value ($50 or $200 whatever), because when you arrive near it, they stop giving you surveys to do; (you then keep waiting… for a very long time…). Haha you have been scammed.

What is the main disadvantage?

It puts you in a Dreaming Mood. You continue investing your time and get nothing real at the end.

2. Data Entry Jobs

This one too is very easy. No experience required and therefore they usually attract more people. However it’s the same scenario as above. I’ve read some reviews, there are quite a few out there because many people have been scammed. I personally, have not tried it because I feel that my time is much more precious than what they are offering.

There are bigger opportunities online so why should I give my time so little value.

What is the main disadvantage?

Health problems: RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), Eye strain etc.

3. Translator Jobs

Here again another easy work home job. No experience required because they assume that if you know the English language, you may also know another language, your mother tongue. What is their trap? Answer: your mother tongue. If they ask you to translate from English to any other langue (that you may not know), then they won’t be able to attract more people.

How did I realise that? They always have client that require books to be translated in my mother tongue. So they ask me to register with them so that they can put me in contact with the clients. Registration is not free, haha! If they really have jobs for you, then why this barrier?

What is the main disadvantage?

Registration is not free. Why? It’s a bit fishy because their income is definitely going to be commissions on your work.


4. Online Tutoring

For this one you need to have certain skills. You actually need to have some degree and they will ask you to send your detailed CV with documentary evidence of course. If you have the skills and like tutoring then no problem at all. For this work home job you will surely find free registration platforms. After your registration you will be required to perform an interview on skype.  No big deal if you have the skills. I have a few friends working on You can check it to get an idea how much they pay.

What is the main disadvantage?

You lose your freedom. This is what you don’t want and it defeats the purpose of having an online work home job. You become the slave of the students as you have to work when they are free (i.e. odd hours).

5. The Best Work Home Job

rub your handsNow rub your hands together as I’m now going to reveal to you the best part of my research. The Best Work Home Job emerges out of the surface from the ocean of the best work home jobs that are not scams. First of all, please do read this little story and let me remind you that nothing is free in this world. You have to at least spend some time; time is money, isn’t it. You are currently investing your time reading through this and believe me it will pay off, 100% guaranteed.

In addition, I’m convinced that this is your bus station, you have arrived at your destination, and you are fed up searching here and there. You now have the Best, why try the Rest?

Here is the little story:

Last century when we were not in the internet era; a couple of decades or more back, Mr. and Mrs. Extensor who were not very rich, were living a happy married life. Every two years or so, the family was extending. New babies were born. Finally they arrived at 4 children and they also had 2 dogs and 3 cats to feed.

Both parents were working parents, so life was not very easy for them. Day by day their stress was increasing.

Break the chainOne day they decided to quit their jobs. Not together but one by one. Hopefully they had saved some money. With that money they decided to build a commercial building, which they did within 6 months. Instead of starting their own commerce, they hired the building. Wow What a good investment!

Up to now they are still relaxing and enjoying increasing revenues with the rent. Every 5 years or so they were building new commercial buildings. They said that they will stop after their 5th building, i.e. one for each child. They will keep the last one for themselves.

The best part of the story is that rent is only 25% of their total revenues. The other 75% is billboards on the building. Yes publicity is the key.

How can you make the most of this story?


You don’t have millions to build commercial buildings. So build websites and go for affiliate marketing or put publicity on the websites.

You don’t know how to build websites. No worries; nowadays building websites is like playing online games. Sometimes online games are more difficult. At the start of my career, I had to do programming to build websites, this is outdated now.

I know a platform where they show you step by step how to build a website.

Other Majors advantages:

      1. Free Membership

      2.Free Websites

      3.Free Hosting

      4.Free Support

      5. And much more…

This very website you are on, I’ve created it and hosted it for free within one week (part-time). You can do it in one day if you wish. So I’m inviting you to join me to celebrate SUCCESS.

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  1. Hey Usiba,

    I love working from home, it is so awesome!

    They are certainly many advantages of working from home such as you can have more family time with yr loved ones, who don’t want that? And you don’t have to take transport to yr work place and so you can avoid traffic and save time; and you may have less stress and that will make you a happier person! 🙂

    Thanks very much for yr article on “best work home jobs”, appreciate it very much!


  2. Great article! I don’t enjoy selling my services to people because it’s always a headache. You have this pressure to make their money worth. So I much prefer to offer free information through my website and recommend products as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing also provides much more freedom than any other type of job, both online and offline.

    All the best

    • Hello dear Stefan, I’m happy that you like the article. No doubt the best online jobs nowadays is affiliate marketing and the Best program available is the WA program. What do you think?

  3. Usiba I’ve joined in, the free ebook is amazing, please send me another one. thanking you in advance
    The surprise one is top of the top
    You are a genius my friend.

  4. Sorry Usiba I forgot to tell you that for the free giveaway no.2 I will choose “A secret for more and better sex”. I’ll join today so don’t forget to send me the third bonus.

  5. This is a really insightful page. In fact, freelance jobs are also a very popular work from home job today. Platforms like has enabled this freelance industry to grow. We all can offer services on these platforms to make money.
    But the best way is through your last point – affiliate marketing. I’m also an affiliate marketer at wealthy affiliate. It is the long term strategy to work from home.
    Thanks for sharing these.

    • Yes Jerry for sure freelance too is very popular. But the main problem is competition with other freelancers. You have to bid and spend some time dealing with the bids. Sometime its quite frustrating.

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