A Good Savings Plan

A Good Savings Plan

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You are ready but you feel at a loss as to how you will come up with that extra money. You are already barely eking out a living. You can manage if you train yourself to think differently. That is the first part of any good plan. You have to think right. If you don’t think right towards your money, you won’t be able to manage it.

Your First Step: Rethink how you think about money

Saving money is a calm state of mind. Before you can even begin, you have to say NO to all of the spending—and stop thinking that you actually need all the stuff you’re spending all of your hard-earned money on. Just don’t spend.

Money BagThat is simple enough! Say NO to all of the excuses and reasons for why you feel you MUST spend. Tell yourself, NO MORE EXCUSES, PERIOD! The very next time you want to buy something, take the $50 or $100 out of your wallet, instead and stash it away somewhere. Do you see the logic? That’s why you call saving. You don’t end up with stuff; you end up with the hard-earned MONEY.

Another new way of thinking will be to think of frugality as your savior. Become a confirmed cheapskate and do as your most frugal friends do. Pay special note to the fact that frugal friends fix the shower curtain instead of buying a new one. Sit down with Depression-era relatives and ask about how they made ends meet despite even desperate times. You want to learn to economize.

The next step in rethinking is to become inspired. Spend all of your spare time online and search out those frugal Web sites. Look at “living cheaply,” “frugal living” and “voluntary simplicity.” You’ll find a ton of good Web sites devoted to living on less.

Learn to turn shopping time into activity time. Go for a bike ride, walk down memory lane, take the kids to the park; do anything and everything that you can to take your mind off shopping and spending. It works!

Step # 2: Time to Save!

There are many number of creative ways to live on less. However, you don’t want to make your life miserable. Here are some great ways to economize without missing quality of life.

Eat meatless some of the time. Go veggie. Prepare just three meatless days a week (without substituting pricey fish) and you could save $25 a week, which equals $100 a month, which equals $1,200 a year! Beans: You will learn to love them.

Last update: Sept 26, 2017

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