A Treasure for my Future Generations

A Treasure for my Future Generations

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A Treasure for my Future Generations

Here is a little story:

Last century when we were not in the internet era; a couple of decades or more back, Mr. and Mrs. Extensor who were not very rich, were living a happy married life. Every two years or so, the family was extending. New babies were born. Finally they arrived at 4 children and they also had 2 dogs and 3 cats to feed.

Both parents were working parents, so life was not very easy for them. Day by day their stress was increasing. One day they decided to quit their jobs. Not together but one by one. Hopefully they had saved some money. With that money they decided to build a commercial building, which they did within 6 months. Instead of starting their own trade, they hired the building.

Wow, what a good investment. Up to now they are still relaxing and enjoying increasing revenues with the rent. Every 5 years or so they were building new commercial buildings. They said that they will stop after their 5th building, i.e. one for each child. They will keep the last one for themselves.

The best part of the story is that rent is only 25% of their total revenues. The other 75% is billboards on the building. Yes publicity is the key.

How can you make the most of this story?


You don’t have millions to build commercial buildings. So build websites and go for affiliate marketing or put publicity on the websites.

You don’t know how to build websites. No worries; nowadays building websites is like playing online games. Sometimes online games are more difficult. At the start of my career, I had to do programming to build websites, this is outdated now. And no worries you don’t have to quit your job.

Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business

I know a platform where they show you step by step how to build a website.

Other Majors advantages:

   1. Free Membership

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   5.And much more…

This very story you are currently reading has been created and hosted for free. So I’m inviting you to join me to celebrate SUCCESS.

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Yes of course you are most welcome to share this story to all your loved ones. They will thank you for the rest of their lives. The story mirrors a bit the situation of my parents. May God bless them and yours too.

Last update: October 03, 2017

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12 thoughts on “A Treasure for my Future Generations

  1. I’ve been working online for a few years now and can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m amazed that more people don’t have an online business but are still trading their life for a paycheck.

    It seems to me that society is dividing in half. Some people continue to work for a paycheck and some people have learned or are learning how to earn money in their sleep with an online business.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to learn how to do it right. The free starter membership is a no brainer.

    • Yes my dear Gary, that’s so true. What is more interesting than earning legit money while sleeping? This is the best part of online businesses. You are on holidays, you earn money. You are sick, you earn money. It’s amazing.

  2. Hi Usiba,

    You have a great website and your work shows. I love how you describe building a website as being a little easier than some video games now days. That is a very true statement. My 10 year son plays games that are too difficult for me and I’m happy to stick with building websites! Great article. Keep up the good work and I look forward to keeping up with your wonderful website. See you at WA!

    Kindest regards,


    • Hi Jim, I very happy for you that you have joined the Wealthy Affiliate community. I’m sure you’ll make lots of money here.

      Wish you all the best.

  3. Usiba I’ve joined in, the free ebook is amazing, please send me another one. thanking you in advance
    The surprise one is top of the top
    You are a genius my friend.

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