Beware of Scams

Beware of Scams

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What is Scams about?

Beware of Scams

be scam smartYou may be aware that there are many websites claiming that they can make you become a millionaire. And on top of that; Quick and Easy. Wow!

To what degree do you think it true?

Have you ever heard about risk management?

Well, I’ll elaborate a bit on this somewhere further down. First of all let me ask you the two main questions.

1. Is it really possible to become millionaire fast and easy? If Yes then…

2. Why have they chosen to give YOU this opportunity? Why Me? Why YOU?

I have read quite a few reviews about earning money fast and easy online, about becoming millionaire online. May be you too, have read some reviews. Relying on my 20+ experience in the digital world, my feeling is that it is 100% possible to create software to SIMULATE it. Yes it is all about simulation. On the software you can easily see money in everyday; even 10k $$$$ + everyday. But nothing is real. It’s all virtual.


What is Forex trading?

Well my advice to you: just forget about it if you really want to earn some money online, if you really don’t want to lose all your hard earned money. On this path there are many foxes and sharks waiting to eat you raw. Yeah take my word for it. I was victim of, Beware of this site. This is one of the main reasons I’m writing all this. I want to inform the world to beware of them.

What is Risk Management?

attentionThe trap is all about risk management. How do you value $100, $250 or even $500? This is the big question. Are you ready to risk $250 to become a millionaire in one month? It’s worth it, isn’t it? These scammers, they have entered our mind before setting up their system. They’ve done some market research about how people around the world value money. They’ve come up with an entry level of $250 for becoming a millionaire; and $100 for earning $1000 daily; and $40 for earning $100 daily. I explain:

The research shows that the majority of people around the world are ready to invest $100 in a system which will bring them $1000 per day. So according to the trapping pricing policy, the scammers offer their system for $97. As you may be aware the industry trend is a price ending of $7.

For the same reason you will also find many online offers of $37.

What is Binary options?

I call them mushrooms. Yes they are growing like mushrooms. Please note that most of them offer a starting deposit of $250. At the beginning of their presentations, they will all tell you to keep your wallet away because it’s free. They will also tell you that it’s like nothing that you have seen before. Then you are very interested to keep on watching the video. You adjust your chair properly, you put away all distractions such as mobile phones, you close the door etc.

Inside the video you can see paid actors driving luxury cars or inside their mansions. You are dreaming too. So interesting that you don’t see time running. After nearly one hour later, you are asked to deposit $250 that you can withdraw at any time (haha – keep dreaming). So you query yourself and you come up with the conclusion that $250 is worth investing for 1Mega USD. Then you give it a try before reading the terms and conditions, haha. Just read the terms and conditions, you will think 10x before investing. Your are trapped. The deposit is just a deposit, you need to start putting money in so that their simulated software work. They Now start MILKING you.

Millionaire? Yes. But not Me and You. They become millionaire. How? If 4000 goats around the world just try their system with the minimum deposit of $250. 4000 x $250 = 1,000,000 USD. So they become millionaire daily.

Beware of the false reviews. They themselves post reviews on their competitors. One will say that the other is scam to promote his. At the end they are all the same.

The Most Intelligent Fox

You will surely want to know who the most intelligent fox is. Well, keep on reading. They present themselves as experienced investors. They tell you to beware of scams, they inform you in detail the risk of forex investment, the risk of binary options. They tell you to stay away from all the risk. Just give them your money, they will invest it for you and will give you the profit back; daily. Wow!

The best part: the starting level is only $10. Without wasting a minute you invest your first $10. Immediately you receive an email of acknowledgement + a certificate for your investment. Within the same hour your $10 is refunded with a message telling you that if you use paypal then the minimum deposit is $500. You verify the website, then you see that it is not $500, it is $100. Then you email them back; live chat is also available, with sweet words like honey. Then they give you a special offer as new client.

happened to meFirst time offer is: Invest $150 for a return of over $500 within 24 hours. You try to negotiate on the live chat. Very interesting. You open your spreadsheet and do some “what if…” analysis. It reveals that you’ll earn daily and if you invest daily, then you become a millionaire in 3months. The daily earning is the catalyst that will urge you to invest immediately. So you immediately invest your hard earned $150 and actually you are saying good bye to it.

It’s obvious, you have been scammed. If you want to know the details of what happened after investing the $150, please send me an email. I’ll be pleased to tell you my misadventure with

How to get the Money back?

The misadventure will keep on tormenting you every day. Why did this happen to me? I was so foolish thinking that they will give me the profit back so that I’ll invest it again with them and get more money from them. So now you start thinking on how to get your money back. It’s so simple, just forget about the scammer your nightmare will be over and just go for the Best Work Home Jobs that are Not Scams – click here and enjoy safely.

It’s never too late to start over. If you were not happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, click here and do better.

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18 thoughts on “Beware of Scams

  1. Great article Usiba. More people need to be made aware of all the scams out there and what to look for. I have fallen victim on a couple of occasions and it probably wouldn’t have happened if there was more quality information like this out there. Thank you so much for this informative post.

  2. That’s a great question at the beginning. Why would someone share the “secrets” of getting rich on the internet if they can do it themselves. If a get rich quick program really worked, it would be worth a lot more than some of these hucksters charge. The people that make money off these things are the people that are behind the sites….no one else. Good article on the bane of the internet.

    • Thank you Warren for visiting my website.

      I was actually a victim of scam, that’s why I have written this article, so that others don’t fall in their trap.

      All the best my friend.

  3. Hello,
    Information you have provided are quite interesting, So many offers nowadays are done, and it is good to know what pages should be visited which not.

    • Hope to do some more research and give more reviews on the topic.
      My main objective here is to protect people from falling into their trap.

  4. Don’t talk to me about online scams! LOL. I’ve been dragged in many times by them. 🙁 But at least I can now use my experiences to help avoid the sharks in the future.

    From everything I’ve learned about “get rich fast” opportunities, I know for a fact that it’s definitely not so quick and simple to become a millionaire.

    As for Binary, I’ve also come across many of the programs that reel you in with cheap memberships and then hit you with $100’s in investment fees.

    With the internet, folks really must remain cautious when it comes to online money making opportunities because they will also feed your mind with exactly what it wants to hear.

    Thanks for the scam article.


    • I agree with you dear Neil, there nothing like “get rich fast”. All programs that claim this are no doubt scams.
      If somebody wants to earn consistent legit money, he must set up a proper online business. The easiest place for this is no doubt Wealthy Affiliate. You get so much so much facility and support.

  5. I generally stay away from sites that promise you golds within days. These are always scammers operated and always will be.

    But there are also new ‘online products’ that one need to take note of. Those who claimed to provide professional services, but don’t deliver. They can disguise as niche website builders, product suppliers or software/program providers.

    They would buy your trust and then lock you down with your credit card information and make it impossible for you to stop the subscription unless you terminate your card. This can be a very frustrating situation to deal with.

    • Hi Cathy, your are 100% right. No one will give you lots of money, neither overnight nor on the long run. You have to work for it. You have to set up a legit online business, and the best place for this is the WA platform which I recommend to everybody.

  6. Thanks… It’s very interesting and useful. I wish I had come across such information before. Unfortunately,I am a victum of binary options scammers, and some other things. too.

  7. Hi Usiba, this is so true. I’m very lucky to have met this site. Thanks for alerting people about those scams. I’m sure the community you are in is scam free, so l’ll join in immediately.

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