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Getting Started (free gifts below)

Welcome to “Easy Ways To Make Money Online”.

best-ways-to-make-extra-moneyYou can now consider yourself to be very lucky to have found this site if your main objective is to make money online. May be you have spent lots of time searching the web on how to make a monthly consistent legit money online.

Now rest assured, you will no longer have the pain to continue on Make Money2searching. Your journey to earn lots of legit money starts here. You may start your journey by collecting your free gifts (bottom of page) but I would suggest that you start by going through the materials below…


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1. Best Work Home Jobs

Ask me howBe your own boss and take control of your future

– Freedom Freedom – Financial Freedom

2. Home Shopping

shopping cart moneyThey shop online 24/7 – You earn commissions round the clock,

i.e. even while sleeping.

3. Beware of Scams 

protect yourselfMillionaire? Yes. But not Me and You. They become millionaire. How?

Get the knowledge and Protect yourself from Scams.


1. A Treasure for my Future Generations

2. The Taste of Honey

3. Forever mindful of Saving those Extra Pennies.

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12 thoughts on “Getting Started

    • Wonderful Jameelah,
      So get started Now, as registration is FREE and you can stay as a FREE member as long as you wish.
      It is the only place on the net where you really start an online business with ZERO investments.
      We’ll show you every thing you need to set up your online business in no time.
      If you wish you can start earning money NOW.

  1. It was a really knowledge for …
    Everyword was very interesting …. it can be done everywhere everytime…..
    Don’t even need to pay for rent …no need to have a lot of worker …we get protected from scram
    And it just for free!!!
    Thanks it is really amazing.

  2. Hello here. You are right that Wealthy Affiliate is a right place to start online business. This company gives all tools and knowledge about navigating on the Internet.
    It seems as the simple task, but there are plenty of details involved such as the right content, plugins, the usage of social media, attracting visitors and offering services or products which are actual and searched.
    Wealthy Affiliate offers courses which are easy to understand for beginner or the person who never worked online.
    Everything starts from the first step.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • First of all, I would say a big thank you dear Nemira, for taking the time to read the post.

      And secondly thank you so much for commenting. Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be for making consistent legit money online. I, myself was scammed by fake sites until I found the pearl (i.e Wealthy Affiliate) in the ocean.

  3. I think many people spend a long time searching the internet for ways to get started and make money online. Unfortunately, many people also fall into program scam traps!

    I really appreciate the freebies you’ve shared and I especially like the sound of Wealthy Affiliate for a free account too. These days, there are a lot of programs promising to help folks for ridiculous amounts of money but very few actually pointing people towards online success.

    I’ll give WA a try.


    • No doubt there are many scams online. We are so lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate.
      Your right the free account is awesome.
      See you inside Neil.

  4. Hi there Usiba!

    Thanks so much for including these free gifts with your article – this marketing community looks pretty amazing really and seems to have everything you will ever need under one roof!
    This makes a big change from the expensive options I come across online these days – did they aid you in building this blog?

    • Yes Chris it’s my pleasure to offer these free e-books.
      Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is pretty amazing with everything under one roof.
      So much training, support, hosting etc. etc. It’s Fantastic as a starter member because everything is for FREE.

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