Saving Money on Fuel

Saving Money on Fuel

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How to Save Money on Fuel

Fuel prices just keep going up, and our wallets keep decreasing in size. This “how-to” will teach you many ways to save money at the local fuel station.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take out a credit card. Some credit cards offer fuel savings when you use the card for purchases. This works in much the same way that some credit card companies give you frequent flyer miles when you use their card for purchases.

  2. Get a fuel membership card. Look for membership benefits. In addition, department and grocery stores give discounts at the fuel pump when you use their store membership cards. Shopping at Giant Eagle grocery store and using their membership card.

  3. Give your car a good tune up. While giving your car a tune up won’t actually save you money at the pump, it will save you in fuel consumption. Using less fuel saves you money over all. Have the oil changed, and have a certified mechanic give your engine a twice over.

  4. Check the WWW for deals. Web sites let you find the best deals in your area.

  5. Buy a hybrid car. Not only do hybrid cars give you immediate savings at the pump, some government and local state offer tax breaks for people that use fuel saving cars. If you can’t afford the growing number of hybrid cars out there, consider getting a regular car with good MPG (miles per gallon).

  6. Optimize the use of AC. Running the car’s air conditioning puts extra strain on your car’s engine. This translates into your car eating up more fuel per Kilometer. Use less fuel, save money. Depending on the car you drive, at highway speeds, the AC might put less drag on your car than if all the windows are open. Therefore, you might want to keep it cool on the highway.

  7. Use the cheaper stuff. Most modern cars run just as well with the cheap fuel as they do with the more expensive one. In fact, engineers assume the car buyer is going to use the cheap fuel, and so, they design the car’s engine accordingly.

  8. Don’t fill the tank when prices are higher. Suppliers and station owners can charge high prices for fuel because they know people will pay for it. The owners monitor how much fuel people are putting into their cars each day. If they hike up the price a few cents and people are still filling up their tanks, this tells the owners that people are willing to pay the high price. Adding only a few gallons to your car when prices are high sends a message to the owners that people are not happy about the high prices.

  9. Drive Smartly. Don’t drive when you don’t absolutely have to. Carpooling, walking, taking the bus, and riding a bike not only saves you fuel, but these are better for the environment and may be better for your health. Do you really need to drive to the store when it is only a couple of blocks down the street?

  10. Check the tire air pressures weekly. Buy an inexpensive manual air pump and an accurate tire gauge (not a pencil gauge as they are not accurate). Keep all tires inflated to the same pressure as recommended for your car but not for your tire. Go by the sticker on the doorframe and not the tire wall.

  11. Drive at a consistent speed and keep the windows up tight. Keeping the windows closed reduces the drag on your car. Sticking to the speed limit also helps. So, will using less gear changes and revving the engine less. Avoid accelerating fast or braking suddenly. Use cruise control when you can.

  12. Clean out any unnecessary items in your car. If you have heavy objects in your car that you don’t need – remove them. If your car is lighter, it will use less fuel to get you to where you’re going.

  13. Avoid leaving your car idle. If you are going to be stopped for more than two minute, you will save fuel by turning the car off and restarting when you are ready to go.

  14. Buy on cold days. Buy fuel on cold days and if you can, drive on the hot days. When you buy on cold days, and pay for volume, you buy more “mass” of fuel for the same price. Never fill the tank completely or it will overflow when it becomes hotter.

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