Solid Proofs of Income

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The Wealthy Affiliate review 2018

Solid Proofs of Income

The 2018 Update is below (at the end). Since the beginning of this year many people has joined Wealthy Affiliate. You may also wish to read their reviews at the end of this post.

Income received in December 2016

After my two previous posts about smart passive income, now without any delay I’ll show you some solid proofs of income. Just have a look at the screen shots which speak for themselves. These are solid proofs that legit money is earned online, through the amazing unique Wealthy Affiliate platform.

USD 10K+

Dec2016 Income

Some examples of Past Incomes

Income received in November 2014

Nov 2014

Income received in December 2014

Dec 2014

Income received in December 2015

Dec 2015

Income received in January 2016

Jan 2016

wealthy affiliate review site

2018 Updates

Read new members reviews at the end in the comment section. You are also invited to write your comments or ask for any clarifications you wish. I shall be most happy to help.

Income received in February 2018

Income received in June 2018 by another WA member

No doubt, YOU also, can earn lots of money online.

What are you waiting to join.

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73 thoughts on “Solid Proofs of Income

  1. Hi I’m so happy to know how I can earn some money online and I think I should joined Wealthy Affiliate it a good ideas the most easiest way of earning money

  2. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate. Its fantastic i’m glad to discover something new.
    The membership is really free. As I’m a student, i don’t have a credit card, so this is very good for me.
    I will now be able to earn some pocket money online. Before that I never knew that it is possible to get money online.
    Thank you Mr Usiba for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hello everyone thank for ur cooperation i am delighted to be a member of this platform.

    I want to achieve my goals like become a successful online, have my own online business and get lots of money.

    The WA group is an expert platform. u can make new friends and learn new things and make lots of money.

    • Hi Yasiirah,
      Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is an expert platform where you can learn how to be a successful online entrepreneur.
      Hope you start monetizing your website.
      If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. Hi everyone I am glad to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate

    I was surprised by this blog people are so friendly when we don’t understand, know anything they reply your comments in a second

    This bloc has been a new world for me i thought that it was a waste of time now i understand clearly what WA is.

    If u don’t know any don’t hestiate to ask help because people there are very friendly they reply your comments in a seconds

    Thank you to the owners for accepting me as a member

    And also my friends

    Please visit this blog it give knowledge to everyone, knowledge about how to set up an online business and make lots of money online

    • Greetings my dear Heulwen,

      It’s a pleasure to have you among us. We are indeed a great community. We help each other to achieve our goals.
      Hope you become a successful entrepreneur and make much money.
      All the best

  5. All those image is very convincing, I am so happy that I get the chance of knowing how to earn money online . Recently I had joined WA ,the platform is very helpful.

    • Hi Rabeea,
      Congratulations on creating your WA account,
      Now follow the guidelines, you will surely start to make money soon.
      Waiting to read about your success stories.

  6. What i have to say that…its was really nice to joined wa..
    Because through this i had learn a little about money and also how to make money online….!And it is very easy..!Thank yOu…^^

    • You are welcome my dear Jameelah,
      Congratulations on creating your WA account.
      I wish you much success in your online business.

  7. Hi guys ..well it’s been a couple of weeks since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform and to start with, the program is very helpful and till now it has proved to be very informative.

    In addition, I’m proud to say that it’s one of the smartest decision that I’v ever made by joining this wonderful program where consistent legit money can be earned.

    I have made plenty of friends who were very welcoming and very helpful. I would like to tell those who don’t have a Wealthy Affiliate account then create it cause the program is very effective and I’m sure it will be some kind of advantage where you can monetize your time.

    Last but not the least I would like to thank a friend of mine who suggested me to create a Wealthy Affiliate account, so thank you so much !!!

    • Greetings my dear Nusrat,

      Indeed you’ve made the wisest decision. Many people spend a lot of time on the internet, specially on social media, but they don’t get a single penny for that. Here at wealthy affiliate your time is monetize as you said.

      So let me wish you all the best with your new online treat.
      Usiba. TheBuilder.

  8. So finally I joined the WA platform.I think it’s awesome and personally really helpful all throughout the journey.I adore the how people are welcomed and and work together.I also love how people can quickly reply on someone’s questions.

    • That’s great my dear Sumaiyah,
      This is the smartest decision you’ve ever made.
      Now you can start making consistent legit money online.
      Follow the guidelines, you’ll surely succeed in no time.

  9. OH!!! The WA platgorm is very encouraging. I like the backgroind and how much people cooperates with each other. On the other side, people receives warm welcome from the main people. Money can be made wisely on the app. However, my expression for this cool website is satisfactory. I love writing , creating blogs for entertaining people. I am sure one day, me-myself I can create a website me too…. SHARING IS CARING! ⬅don’t forget to follow me “LilNia” ..
    At least* the app is free

  10. Hii everyone.. I just wanted to tell u that I have joined WA.. It is really amazing.. The community there is very helpful.. It is also very easy to register to WA

    • Hi Goobeea,
      Congratulations for joining and connecting with me on the Wonderful World of Wealthy Affiliate.
      You’ve made the smartest decision of your life.
      All the best dear.

    • Dear Rawsiya,
      You are most welcome to join.
      I’m convinced that you will not be disappointed.
      So see you inside this amazing WA platform, where you can earn consistent legit money even while you are sleeping.
      All the best.

    • Hi Trish,
      Yes it is very interesting but it is not luck.
      It is about knowledge. We learn how to make money online.
      This amazing system is really NOT a casino, but it is an online business accessible to every one who have a passion.
      They show you how to turn your passion into a thriving online business.
      Join us now, you’ll very quickly have your own online business and earn consistent legit money online.

  11. I’m very happy to read this and to know all of this because i really don’t know what solid proofs of income means but today i know that it was very important there was no doubt and registration is free and it is quick and easy..thank you

    • Hello dear Gawtam I’m so happy for you. No doubt it’s now or never. So I invite you to join with out delay.
      You’ll see the link in either “Getting Started”, or “Free Giveaways”; both in the topmost menu

  12. For years I was searching a means for making some passive income. I knew it was possible. I was scammed a few times. Today God accepted my prayers. I wake up with a nice email re-directing me here. Thank you my Lord.

    • Hello dear Johny it’s your day today, so hurry up and create your free account.
      You’ll see the link in either “Getting Started”, or “Free Giveaways”; both in the topmost menu

    • Sounds good. If ever you have difficulty creating your free account, feel free to contact me.
      See you inside the Wonderful World of Wealthy Affiliate.

  13. I was also redirected here through an email and was pleased to create the free account. I’m happy to be part of a system where passive income can be earned online.

    • No doubt lots of money are circulating on the web. Take your share. Affiliate marketing is the way; No stress no worries. Earn even while you sleep.

    • Welcome my dear Farina, just check your profile page at WA, I’ve communicated to you the details.
      You don’t have to worry, I’ll guide you through all the steps, through all the processes of making legit money.
      You’ll be amazed to see how quick and easy it is.

  14. I’m so excited to try my luck here. I’ll immediately joined. Once I was scammed, I fell that Wealthy Affiliate is not scam. So I’ll give it a try.

  15. Hello, I’m marcel and I just received an email redirecting me here. I’m really amazed with what I saw. I will therefore immediately create my free account to try my luck with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Yes of course my dear Michael; please check the post “Happy members on first income”, you’ll note how a young 14-year old member is earning with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a clear proof of how easy it is to earn money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • You are welcome dear Sherina. It’s so easy to create the WA account. Anyway if you have any difficulty i’m here.
      I shall wait for you inside the Wonderful World of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Yes my dear Alisha it’s amazing and it’s real. Go ahead join now for a brilliant future.
      You’ll see the link in either “Getting Started”, or “Free Giveaways”; both in the topmost menu

    • I’m so happy for you my dear Alan. Go ahead join now, registration is free.
      You’ll see the link in either “Getting Started”, or “Free Giveaways”; both in the topmost menu

  16. Indeed these proofs are very convincing. I have already registered. No credit card was required. I wish I make lots of money soon.

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