Success is Assured

Unfold the Freedom

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1. Success is Assured

2. Will stimulate and inspire you to achieve success

Lesson 1 : Concentration Finds the Way

Part A : The Builder

Part B : Habit is a matter of acquirement

Part C : Life Furnishes us the opportunity to improve

Part D : The Secret of Success

Lesson 2 : The Self Mastery

Part A : Every Balanced Mind

Part B : Mental and Physical Energies

Part C : How self-poised you can remain all day

Part D : Any exercise or work that excites the mind

Part E : “work when you work, and play when you play.”

Part F : “if one is to lead a successful life” 

Part G : Use your will and be patient

Lesson 3 : How to gain what you want

            Lesson 3: How to gain what you want

Lesson 4 : The Silent Force That Produces Results

                     Lesson 4: The Silent Force That Produces Results


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8 thoughts on “Success is Assured

  1. I like this kind of mindset!
    I actually went through all of your lessons and was highly inspired, more so because you think a lot about situations like I do!

    The main idea speaks to me on a personal level – since I fail so much in many different things in my life, yet your explanation holds ground all the same!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    • Hello dear Vlad, now that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can forget about failures; only successes will follow you now. My best wishes to you my friend.

  2. Hello Mr Usiba I really love the lessons. I have read them all. I’m now waiting for lesson 2. When will you add the lessons please?

  3. In my experience, people mostly fail because they give up over time.
    Heck, I know that’s the reason for like 90% of my failures, only in 10% of situations it was truly out of my grasp (we can’t do everything, right?)

    I do agree with your viewpoint.
    As long as you keep trying you can’t really fail, because as you keep pushing you are still attempting to grasp success.

    Cheers, Vlad!

  4. I do agree with you that success is assured if you focus on it, concentrate on what needs to get done. A man’s failure usually caused by lack of focus. I know it because I experienced it. When I want something to get accomplished, I only focus on that goal and nothing else. And, things go my way with that goal in mind. I practice it every now and then, even if my goal is very small so that my concentration power becomes more active and strong.

    • Hi Ces, that’s a good point “even if my goal is very small”. People tend to neglect small things. Do you know the sayings “The Power of the waterfall is nothing, but a lot of drips working together”. I wish you much success in your online business. By the way, do you think that many people has realized that there are nowadays opportunities to earn lots of legit money online?

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