The Taste of Honey (WA Review)

The Taste of Honey (WA Review)

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The Taste of Honey

If you were to describe about the taste of honey, what would you say? Or much better, what about the French pastry “Millefeuille” which you may call it as “Napoleon” in English. A Literal translation would be “a thousand sheets/leaves or layers”.

Here is the little description of my favorite cake:

Millefeuille1Millefeuille, my favorite cake, is the classic French pastry that consists of layers of razor-thin puff pastry usually filled with cream or custard, and topped with icing or sugar.

If you were to give a description of it, what would you say? You may well want to divide your description into three parts as follows:

  1. Top layers: Where you will express your feelings about the texture, the colour, the hardness, and the sweetness.
  2. Bottom layers: As for this part, again the texture will be foremost and you will also want to distinguish between its hardness and the one of the top layers. I would say that it’s a “soft hard”!
  3. Middle layers: Wow, just by thinking about the softness of the cream, my mouth is filled with water.

Millefeuille2Much better still, you will say “Oh common”, “please stop”, “here it is”. Close your eyes and put it in your mouth. Enjoy.

I’m convinced that you will agree with me that if the product is tasty and is free, then what’s the point of keeping you waiting to have a bite of it. So here it is, Enjoy. However, if you still want some more details keep on reading.

Wealthy Affiliate v/s Mille-feuille

Wealthy Affiliate is my Mille-feuille, my best ever online interest. I’m inviting you to come and enjoy it with me, it’s FREE, you have nothing to lose; you only win and win and win. Here it is or read further if you are not convinced.

What would you like to know more? The layers? The flavours? The Texture?

Here are some stuff that you would like to know about Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The support within WA (the many ways)
  • The training and how it is valuable
  • The easiness of building a website (in any niche)
  • The state of the art website building platform
  • The managed WordPress hosting services and access to 24/7 support
  • The almost instant support if you have website/hosting issues
  • Interacting and networking with others/us
  • Live video classes and how interactive the training is
  • etc.

Wow, where around the globe would you get so much for free. Please don’t wait any further, click here to have a taste of it. 100% guaranteed pleasure, 100% Legit.

See you inside. We shall together appreciate how people around the world are becoming Wealthy with Wealthy Affiliate;

the easiest way to make LEGIT MONEY online.

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17 thoughts on “The Taste of Honey (WA Review)

  1. I love this! I love your comparison of WA to your favorite dessert! Mine would be tiramisu, mmmmmm. I have also had a great experience with WA. I am still quite new, but I am very optimistic about my future.

  2. I’ve read other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, but never seen such a wonderful review as this one. I really love the analogy, specially when related to that mouth watering cake.

  3. Hi Mr Usiba, Its 100 true. No credit card is required. Its 100% free. And I understand that I can stay as free member as long as I wish. Its really an Awesome community.
    Thank you very much Mr Usiba.

  4. Water in my mouth Mr Usiba. I guess the WA taste better than the “”millefeuilles””. There are more layers in the WA than in the “”millefeuilles””. Am I at risk for a diabetes? lol

  5. Hello again Usiba. It seems that the Wealthy Affiliate is very sweet. Will they ask me my credit card details before allowing me the free access?

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