What is Smart Living

What is Smart Living

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What is Smart Living

A Few Timely Lessons in Smart Living:

Planning for a money emergency takes plenty of forethought. It is best to start to plan now rather than need to scramble to come up with the cash when the need is greatest.

  • Adapt some strategic thinking.
  • Reprogram your mind now to become a saver
  • Simple living yields simply millions in savings
  • Remind yourself that you can do with less
  • Make a mindful decision to live light.
  • Put your entire family on a budget
  • Discuss strategies about how to build your first budget

Better Money Management Thinking

 The first step to making better choices when it comes to how we spend our money or time is living and acting consciously and examining daily money and work habits.

Smart living is largely a matter of making better choices in life: about how we spend, consume, create community and spend our free time.

 It is NOT to just consume less. It is to consume smarter OR differently.

We must NOT just go blindly along when it comes to consumption.

 Just say no to impulse buying

  • If you see something you want, put it aside and think about it for at least a couple of days. Chances are, the impulse should pass.
  • Look to other sources of entertainment
  • Find ways to socialize and create your own entertainment that don’t revolve around expensive restaurant tabs or event tickets.
  • Spend time in quiet time
  • Quiet time helps you recharge your spiritual batteries and give you the time you need to reflect on life and make better choices.
  • Remember that time is money after all
  • This time issue is going to loom even larger than money. We, as a society, have concluded that time is money. The two are closely tied. Spend time wisely.

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